Session Band

band     Are you a musician and are looking to record an album? After you’ve got your tunes one of the first things you’ll be doing is hiring the other musicians. Apart from wanting to get great musicians, it’s essential to get musicians that not only play well together, but have developed a strong rapport playing together. This musical familiarity gives the recordings a coherence, fills it with organic interaction and just generally allows it to exist on a much deeper level. This has been understood by celebrated producers and artists throughout history who hired session bands like the Wrecking Crew or the Funk Brothers, the latter of which played on just about everything to come out of Motown.

This kind of cohesion is what we offer. We are a band of six fantastic musicians who are all used to crossing genres, improvising, and interacting to give pieces energy and spontaneity. When it comes to our own music I think that speaks for itself. When it comes to other people’s music… well, just check out these videos! These are from a project we recorded in December 2014 with three amazing and all very different Toronto-based singers. Each one brought in one of their own tunes to work with the band and these are the results.

For the Evening

Oh, River

When You’re Asleep

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