The Long Slog




This album, the sophomore release from Snaggle, represents a rich palette of highly diverse original music featuring the band’s current incarnation. They initially faced much internal political turmoil and uncertainty in the early stages of the makings of this record – the end result being the departure of some players and the heart-felt welcoming of newer exciting additions. Thus its completion marks the triumphant end to a long stage in Snaggle’s evolution and the beginning of a new chapter with all the intriguing challenges, opportunities and possibilities that go with it.



“Snaggle plays music without borders, music that is at once sophisticated and inclusive, bristling with infectious funk grooves, rock riffs, and jazz-based improvisations woven into a tapestry of an ambitious yet accessible compositional palette. Seemingly irreconcilable influences vie for attention, from heavy, Zeppelinesque rock riffery to gentle jazz-funk, with hints of Radiohead and the Brian Blade Fellowship Band sprinkled in for good measure, all stitched together in a seamless, somehow inevitable way. Maclean and the members of SNAGGLE, with the help of Brownman, have crafted a very personal and compelling musical statement, bursting with wide-ranging influences tied together by a sense of unified purpose, chock-full of hidden treasures and layers to be uncovered through repeated listening. So settle in, close your eyes, and let the voyage unfold.”

– Dave Restivo, jazz piano giant


“… Snaggle is most impressive!  The music on Long Slog is very, very challenging, yet groovy, soulful & exploratory at the same time…. Extremely well performed, written and executed.  Reminds me of a band I used to play in!”

– Randy Brecker, multi-Grammy winning trumpet legend


“Metric modulations, meter changes, tempo shifts, counter-point lines, but all with underlying melodic ideas that captivate while shifting from hard funk to gentle motifs (sometimes all within the same tune!)… they’re SERIOUS… a truly astonishing ensemble!”

– Brownman Ali, jazz trumpet icon



Raul da Gama – The Whole Note

Vangelis Aragiannis – JazzBuzz (Greece)

Filipe Freitas – The Jazz Trail (NYC)

Dick Metcalf – Improvijazzation Nation

Ivan Rod (Danish Journalist)

Chris Spector – The Midwest Record



Nick Maclean – Rhodes/Organ/Synthesizer
Doug Moore – Bass
Tom Grosset – Drums
Mike Murray – Guitar
Max Forster – Trumpet
Graeme Wallace – Tenor Sax

Special guest: Brownman Ali – Trumpet

Produced by Brownman Ali
Recorded by Brian Legere
Mixed by Josh Bowman
Mastered by Joao Carvalho

Artwork by Nick Ragetli