Snaggle brings you their groovy, in-your-face sound with this awesome line up of all original material. Recorded at Humber Studios, this debut album features a ball-busting array of talent and pure energy. Prepare to have your face melted.


See what Bloody Underrated has to say about Snaggle



released 27 September 2013
Keyboard: Nick Maclean
Guitar: Al Purcell
Bass: Doug Moore
Drums: Tom Grosset
Trumpet: Nick Barz
Tenor Sax: Graeme Wallace
Recording Engineers: Andrew Mullin, Sam Ibbet
Mix Engineers: Andrew Mullin, Nick Bonin
Mastering Engineer: Reuben Ghose
Producers: Nick Sieber, Noah Sherman
Art: Lyle Moore
Design: Niel Havemann
Special thanks to Ian Terry and Anthony Panacci

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