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Snaggle is a 6 piece Toronto-based jazz fusion ensemble which has often been described as “Canada’s answer to Snarky Puppy”. This newest addition to the ‘Browntasauras Records’ artist roster has a unique sound that can be likened to a cross between ‘Miles Davis’ and ‘Rage Against the Machine’. In general the band seeks to take elements from a wide variety of musical sources including jazz, funk, rock, and metal, and contextualize them within the improvisational and spontaneous elements of the jazz spirit. As a result the band has developed an exploratory and melodically driven sound that incorporates primal groove qualities more commonly associated with pop and rock. Snaggle has been performing regularly in and around the Toronto area as well as the greater Ontario region for the past 3 years.

In 2013 the band independently released it’s debut, self titled album featuring compositions by band leader Nick Maclean and bassist Doug Moore. In 2015 the band released an EP project entitled ‘Unexpected Guests’ which was produced in collaboration with three Toronto vocalists: Denielle Bassels, Will Bowes and Mara Nesrallah. After joining the Browntasaurus Records artist roster in June 2015 Snaggle has been hard at work on their second full-length studio album ‘The Long Slog’ in collaboration with acclaimed trumpet player Brownman Ali. This album is set for release October 2nd, 2016.

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These three tracks were taken from a recording session we did in march 2015. They are unmastered.

Nonuhno – This tune was written as an exploration of dance grooves. This tune goes through 4/4 and 3/4 while also exploring the superimposition of the triplet grid on top of the sixteenth note grid. This tune’s simpler framework (at least by the standard of our other rep) also highlights our ensemble playing and shows the band’s interactive and conversational playing style.

SAW – This tune is very indicative of Snaggle’s sound as a whole. It features rapid texture changes, tempo shifts, time signature changes (this tune alone contains sections in 3, 4, 5, and 7). But this isn’t math rock, despite the tune’s complexity it grooves hard and is melodically driven.

Christmas Tune – This tune stylistically covers an enormous range of influences. From the baroque inspired intro to the polka-infused ending it is also drawing from metal, rock, pop and of course our jazz roots. Much to my own irritation I have noticed that much of commercial christmas music aims to express a very singular version of happiness. This tune was written in reaction to that trend by expressing a vastly wider range of human emotion. For me this tune expresses many different shades of happiness, anger, humour and sarcasm.



From our 2014 performance in Stratford during the ‘Tiger Tour’


Set List

While we might play the odd cover tune here and there, for the most part our set is exclusively original material that has been written by one or more band members. These tunes draw from a vast array of source material spanning rock, metal, classical, dance, R&B and funk. This source material is filtered through the jazz background and tradition that we all share to produce these tunes.

(1) appears on Snaggle (2013, independant release)

(2) will appear on the upcoming Snaggle album (June 2016, Browntasaurus Records)

  • Fissure – up tempo dance tune (1)
  • Bassface – dirty funk jam (1)
  • Slow Burn –  smoldering odd-meter funk tune (1)
  • Mistaken Convergence – high energy dance/funk (1)
  • Other Fascination – klezmer infused tune (1)
  • Survival Instinct – uptempo tune a la Brecker Brothers (1)
  • Christmas Tune – Baroque, metal, fusion, polka… this one’s got everything! (2)
  • Tamed Inlet – lighter and prettier medium tune (1)
  • Track 5 – dark and gritty tune. Tempo goes a bunch of places (2)
  • Snaggle No 7 – funkified minor waltz (2)
  • The Long Slog – odd-meter new orleans street beat (2)
  • Nonuhno – up tempo dance tune (2)
  • Tree Assassin – slower contemplative tune (2)
  • SAW – gritty mish-mash of textures, metres and tempos that grooves hard! (2)
  • Lagaan – bright, funkified latin tune (2)
  • Sad Ritual – Funkified waltz (2)
  • Theorum – burning tempo, high energy (2)


Sound Requirements

Snaggle Stage PlotDownload Snaggle Stage Plot


  1. one mic for acoustic horn (soundman’s discretion)
  2. horn monitor (shared with tenor)

Tenor Saxophone (Graeme Wallace)

  1. one mic for acoustic horn (soundman’s discretion)
  2. horn monitor (shared with tenor)

Guitar (Mike Murray)

  1. Fender deluxe reverb  – or – Hot Rod Deluxe
  2. Power Outlet
  3. Monitor

Bass (Doug Moore)

  1. Mark Bass Little Mark III (or similar) with 2×10 or 2×12 cab
  2. Power Outlet
  3. Monitor

Keyboard (Nick Maclean)

  1. D.I. box with a thru function
  2. mic for talkbox
  3. vocal mic for talkback
  4. power outlet
  5. monitor

Drums (Tom Grosset)

  1. drum micing is left to the soundman’s discretion
  2. Yahmaha – or – Gretsch 4 piece kit
  • 18” or 20” bass drum
  • 10” or 14” snare
  • Floor tom
  • Rack tom
  • Hi-hat stand
  • 2 cymbal stands
  • bass drum pedal
  • drum throne

     3. monitor

Hospitality Requirements

  1. snacks, juice and water in the green room
  2. towels and water on stage

Hotel Requirements

  1. Three clean hotel rooms with
  • two beds per room
  • internet access

Booking Contact

Booking Manager – Derek Brady

  • 416-389-2643

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