No Show on the 14th

Some of you may have noticed we were scheduled to play a show at the Rivoli on January 14th. Unfortunately we find ourselves in the position of having to back out of our show and the reason for this involves performance royalties. For those of you who aren’t aware, artists who create original works (like us) are eligible to collect royalties for certain live performances of those works. Music venues pay SOCAN (the canadian organisation that collects performance royalties) for a license to have these original works performed in their venues. Some venues put the cost of that license back on the artists by charging a fee or taking a certain amount of money off of the door. In these situations the artist is essentially paying their own royalty and that strikes us as something that shouldn’t happen. It’s truly not a lot of money, but this isn’t something that we can support. For that reason we are bowing out of our show on the 14th.

Instead, on January 27th we’re going to be at the Velvet Underground playing a set for the awesome music tv show GTA Rocks. Stay tuned for more details!

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