Live at Duffy’s Tavern

Duffy's We’re playing at Duffy’s Tavern in just over a week! We’re playing with some really great bands that night so it’s going to be an awesome night of fusion!


Snaggle –
Snaggle is a 6 piece jazz fusion ensemble made entirely of graduates of the Humber College School of Contemporary Music. Heavily influenced by Snarky Puppy as well as a number of the great jazz fusion players, Snaggle features a repertoire of exciting, dynamic and entirely original material. This all-star line up of players, including the fastest drummer in the entire world, have all studied with many of Canada’s greatest jazz masters and represent the next generation of Canadian talent.

ART is the feeling of your truest lover stroking your neck. ART is the tightness in your throat when your dog died. ART is the 6 hours of pure joy you spent laying in the grass on your first mushroom trip. ART is Everything You’ve Ever Listened To.

Ten Meter Band –
Ten Meter Band is a 7 piece fusion band based in Toronto.